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Hustler has been bringing you the most hardcore porn around for well over 40 years. Our motto - hardcore since ‘74 - takes you back to the days of print porn magazines. We helped define exactly what hardcore and explicit porn could be. Today, we bring this same level of smut to digital magazines.

We’re proud to publish three of the industry’s premier porn mags. We’re talking about Hustler Magazine, Barely Legal, and Hustler’s Taboo. Each of these porn magazines - available online and in print - brings you hardcore fucking in a unique way.

Hustler Magazine is THE porn mag. Born at a time when restrictive, straight laced culture was in control, Hustler helped push boundaries and expand the definition of what was acceptable. Just as importantly, we helped deliver uncensored, explicit porn to millions upon millions of people. We’re talking about anal sex, tiny women taking huge dicks, and creampies and cumshots of all varieties.

Barely Legal is all about young women taking advantage of their tight, toned bodies. Featuring the sexiest 18+ girls on earth, Barely Legal is the uncontested queen of softcore porn magazines. It features no hardcore action and only the sexiest Teen Queens. Created by former adult star Gail Harris, in conjunction with Larry Flynt Publications, Barely Legal has been an industry staple for over 20 years.

Hustler’s Taboo is about embracing your inner-kink. From the most well recognized porn stars and adult performers being bound, gagged, and fucked to smoking hot newcomers who are ready to suit up in latex and get covered in cum, Hustler’s Taboo is here to showcase what BDSM is really about.

Hustler Magazine, Barely Legal, and Hustler’s Taboo have already turned millions of people on. Isn’t it time you joined in on the party?