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September Reign

September Reign

Vital Stats:

  • Measurements: 34B-24-33
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: hazel
  • Weight: 102
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Growing up in a family where nudity was common and sensuality was embraced, newcomer September Reign arrived in the adult industry with a free-spirited attitude and killer looks—a combo that has adult studios taking notice.

Growing up in Sacramento, Reign was a good student and gymnast who often got attention from boys. So once she graduated, she jumped at the chance to capitalize on her looks by becoming a dancer at a local nightclub.

“I went from go-go dancing to exotic dancing to swimwear and lingerie modeling, then to webcam,” she said. “In a little over two years that I’ve been doing webcams I got nominated for webcam and it was great, but I wanted more.”

“I don’t worry about big dicks. I’ve been there, done that in my personal life. Skinny women with really long necks have really deep vags, and if you remember that you’ll go a long way!” she quipped.

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