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Persia Monir

Persia Monir

Vital Stats:

  • Measurements: 52DD -23 -34
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Weight: 140
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Persia was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to an Iranian father and English-American mother. Her father was a physician and her mother was a teacher who held a PhD in Education. In the early 1960s, the family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, where Persia developed a passion for dancing and performing in theater.

Liberated from a stalled marriage, Persia relocated to the Gulf Coast of Florida. She spent the next few years working as a traveling nurse, which allowed her to play competitive golf during the winter seasons. However, she quickly began to feel the financial pressures of being a single mother.

To earn more income, Persia became a stripper and relocated to the Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach area in 1992. During her first week as a stripper, Persia saved the life of a female patron who had collapsed in the bar. As Persia recalls about this period of her life: “It was lots more fun wearing my nursing uniform at Solid Gold than the hospital!”

In 1997, at age 39, Persia became an entrepreneur by launching her official website Persia’s Palace. The founding of Persia’s amateur website predates the creation of Wifey’s extraordinarily popular internet page, which is frequently believed to be the first successful member-based amateur porn website.